Students at Columbia Business School and Columbia Engineering will become tomorrow's business leaders. To be successful, our Business School students will need to be equipped with the language and the tools required to navigate this new landscape, and our engineers and applied scientists will need to be able to bridge the gap between their disciplines and the world of business.

The Business Analytics Initiative offers a robust curriculum to its students through Columbia Business School and Columbia Engineering to meet this need.

For MBA Students

All Columbia MBA and Executive MBA students take a Business Analytics class as part of their core studies that covers the basics of predictive and prescriptive analytics. The class is case-based and includes a significant practical component.

Following Business Analytics, students have the option of taking a range of electives focusing on tools (like Python and databases), methodologies (like regression and artificial intelligence), and applications (like pricing and supply chain management).

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M.S. Degree Programs

The Business Analytics Initiative is directly affiliated with two masters programs, run by Columbia Engineering and Columbia Business School - a Master of Science in Management Science & Engineering, and a Master of Science in Business Analytics. Both programs include a broad range of analytics-related courses that are typically more technical than courses offered in the MBA program, as well as courses designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

It also has ties with a number of other Master of Science programs run by Columbia Engineering, including the Master of Science in Operations Research and the Master of Science in Financial Engineering.

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Business Analytics MicroMasters

In 2017, the Business Analytics Initiative partnered with EdX to launch a MicroMasters in Business Analytics. The MicroMasters covers fundamental concepts in Business Analytics, and applications to Marketing and Demand and Supply Analytics.

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